German Coworking Federation

The German Coworking Federation (GCF) is the federal association on the topic of coworking in Germany. It operates according to the 5 core values of coworking (openness, accessibility, sustainability, community and collaboration) and connects, inspires, informs, represents and qualifies people in the context of a coworking culture. It sees itself as their representative body in the German-speaking region.

This is achieved, among many other things, by organising the annual COWORK conference, the largest event about coworking in the German-speaking region. Furthermore, the GCF organises workshops and further training within the Coworking Academy aimed at current and future coworking space operators. Monthly virtual networking events bring the German-speaking coworking community together. Further roles and topics the GCF is actively involved in include: diversity & inclusion, international partnerships, sustainability project, care work & coworking and research projects.