Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1YR, UK

Make work wonderful

PLATF9RM is where people meet in Brighton and Hove. It’s not home and it’s not just an office – it’s a third place in the heart of the city, where businesses and creatives link up to share skills, exchange ideas and have a good time.

*Welcome to our Supercharged Wonderful Wednesdays.
This event is to encourage you to get to know the people you share our space with.*

*Who are you sitting next to?*

*What do they do?*

*What can you collaborate on?*

*Where’s their favourite coffee spot?*

*Enjoy our EU CoWorking Day tables, lined with PLATF9RM TRUMPS Cards so show your skill set with your fellow member and trade them with each other (just like when you were a kid).*

Grab a Fact Card about CoWorking around the World.

Drink a delicious Grounds Coffee and tell your Neighbour whether you're a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Worker.